Another fried chicken restaurant for Wichita, but this one has something different

Chick N Max

Fried chicken is Wichita’s new self-serve fro-yo, its new build-your-own burrito.

Lately, it seems like a new fried chicken restaurant flies into Wichita every few weeks. (Though some have flown out just as quickly.)

As of Monday, a new one has arrived and is perched at the corner of Central and Hillside, in the spot previously occupied by Freebirds World Burrito. But it has something a bit different than may of its competitors.

The restaurant is called Chick N Max, and it’s owned by Max Sheets, a local entrepreneur with years of restaurant experience. This is the first of three Chick N Max restaurants he has planned for the area in the next six to eight months, and he may open even more after that.

What makes Chick N Max different? In addition to the typical menu items available at most quick-service fried chicken restaurants – tenders, wings, sandwiches, fries, chicken and waffles – this restaurant serves something that will appeal to those who have evicted fried food from their 2018 diets: smoked chicken.

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Photo credit: Denise Neil

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