Chick N Max Cranks Up the Heat with Branded Hot Sauce

Chick N Max hot sauces

Quick Service Restaurant Debuts Retail Offerings with Louisiana Style and Jalapeno Hot Sauce available in-store and online

WICHITA, Kan. – Chick N Max announced the launch of two branded hot sauce varieties available for sale in-restaurant or online.  The red Louisiana Style and green Jalapeno Sauce have been popular condiments in the restaurant and are now available for retail sale in 5.5-ounce glass, flask-style bottles.

“Most importantly, the sauce tastes good. It adds a kick to anything you put it on. The flavor profile was crafted to complement our chicken and house-made sides. The team nailed it,” said Max Sheets, President & CEO. “The production process was a fun project; a collaboration between our culinary, training and marketing departments, along with our production team. We also asked a lot of people who like to eat—the consensus was that the hot sauce we offer on the condiment bar has earned a spot in our customer’s kitchens.”

Both varieties of hot sauce are available for purchase at Wichita-area Chick N Max locations or nationwide on the restaurant’s website. The online store also offers Funky Good T-Shirts & Hoodies, Funky Good Hats and Chick N Max gift certificates.

“Opening our first two restaurants and developing the retail line during these first five months of the year takes a dedicated and knowledgeable team,” Sheets commented. “We have a couple more retail items in production that will be released later this year in our line-up of Funky Good Flavors. There are two varieties of fry shake on the condiment counter that Old World Spice Co. in Kansas City helped us create, a very tasty process. They are also working on our ‘Flaming Fowl’ seasoning for those that want to increase the heat level on their spicy chicken. Perfecting this flavor has been a little tougher, my mouth is still tingling. It is hot!”

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