First Quarter of 2018 Hatches Success at Chick N Max

Chick N Max

Quick Service Restaurant Specializes in Max Tenders & Slow-Smoked Half Chicken with Premium Sides & Apple Dumplings

Chick N Max announced the opening of its second location today at 2350 N. Greenwich. The restaurant launched earlier this year in Wichita’s College Hill.

“This is the time of my life,” said Max Sheets, President & CEO. “I grew up in the restaurant business and have worked in various development departments for several fast-growing brands. Bringing Chick N Max to life is many of those lessons combined in a way that I believe we can build around.”

Both Wichita-area locations are approximately 3000 square feet in-line retail space. Delivery is available with Wichita2Go in a 15-mile radius around each site. Additional Chick N Max locations are underway in West Wichita and on the campus of Wichita State University. Sheets is building an executive team in preparation for growth and expansion in other parts of the country. The most recent addition is professional chef and operator Kodi Koerner in the role of VP Training & Culinary.

“Kodi is such a great fit for our team. He is continuing to refine the menu and recipes. He has helped us systemize our processes and implement repeatable procedures in the kitchen. We are cooking to order back there and Kodi is really bringing the kitchen together,” Sheets commented. “There is something special about the restaurant business. Producing a product that guests enjoy and share with their friends or family is our honor. I think we’re good at because we’ve assembled a dedicated group of people who understand and truly love restaurants.”

Chick N Max was founded in 2018 by restaurant industry veteran Max Sheets. With a career in restaurant development that spans more than three decades, Sheets conceptualized the brand with GHA Design Lab and assembled a team of culinary professionals to perfect the menu of chicken tenders, wings and smoked chicken. The country’s first Chick N Max landed in the heart of Wichita, KS—a metro area long known for ties to successful restaurant start-ups and entrepreneurial genius. Additional Wichita locations are in development and plans are underway for expansion in select markets across the country.

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  • Andrea Case says:

    Wow. This sounds awesome! Enough to want to make a trip to Kansas to try it. Congrats Max, I am sure it is an amazing concept. I could not be more happy for you.